Our smallgoods are made with freshly milled herbs and spices. The herb and spice mixes are used in our sausages or to produce the Farm House brine, which we use to cure our meats.

Our philosophy is to add the minimum possible, we use no artificial colours or flavours.

The wood for our smoker is freshly cut shavings from logs of fruit trees. Currently we are using apple.

We are a traditional butchery sourcing local free-range and grass fed  animals to prepare fresh meat cuts and smallgoods.

Fresh and Smoked Sausages.

Our sausages are made with our own recipes, adapted over many years 

Mediterranean. A fresh lamb sausage flavoured with rosemary, mint, sage, pepper and garlic.

Moroccan. A fresh lamb sausage flavoured with cardamom, clove, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, nutmeg, pepper and turmeric.

Merguez. A smoked lamb sausage flavoured with paprika, sumac, fennel, marjoram, cumin, chilli, pepper, garlic, cayenne and mint.

Italian. A fresh pork sausage flavoured with aniseed, fennel, pepper, garlic, parsley and cayenne.

Dutch. A fresh pork sausage flavoured with coriander seed, pepper, sage, nutmeg, clove and cayenne.

Cumberland. A fresh pork sausage flavoured with nutmeg, mace, sage and pepper. The Cumberland also contains fresh bread crumbs from our friends at the Margaret River bakery.

Chorizo. A smoked pork sausage flavoured with paprika, garlic, cayenne, fennel, pepper and chilli.

Bacon and Ham

The bacon and ham are infused with the Farm House brine, which is  flavoured with a fresh herb tea and cured with pure South West honey and salt.

Lamb Ham

A speciality of The Farm House, the leg is infused with our speciality brine and smoked to make this delicious and succulent ham.


The girello is a single muscle from the beef leg. We infuse a girello with the Farm House brine that includes raw sugar. It is herb crusted and cooked in the smoker.