Arkady Lamb is a partnership between farmer Colin Houghton and David Hohnen; proprietor of The Farm House.

Arkady is the name given to a flock of 15,000 ewes on Lynford Farm, located on Wild Horse Creek in the headwaters of the Blackwood River. The Houghton family have farmed Lynford Farm for three generations.

Arkady Lamb is a unique South West product from a single farm, and single flock ensuring a consistently high meat quality. A superb eating flavour and texture is achieved from slow maturing, pasture raised lambs exposed to rich grazing country.

Poll Dorset sires produce classic British breed Lambs renowned for their meat quality.

The Lambs are weaned onto pasture and in summer their range is green grassy creek-lines and legume pastures.

Arkady Lamb is served in top restaurants in Australia, including Bennelong in Sydney, Rockpool in Perth and many more.

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